About Us




About Us

Analog Labs is providing Analytical Testing services for the industries of Bulk Drugs, Drug Intermediates, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Cosmetics, Chemicls, Water and Minerals.

We can assist manufacturer, research facility, academic institution or organization in finding independent, contract pharmaceutical testing laboratories to perform all your pharmaceuticals studies, research projects, experimentation, laboratory testing and analysis.

Analog Labs shoulders the responsibility of bridging the gap between academic training and Industry requirements by providing the proper training, tailor-made by a group of industry experts.

We prepares productive and inspired chemists/analysts/pharmacists from the day one of their joining the industry and bring value addition for both employee and employer.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Our organizational structure is designed to ensure the utilization of total quality management techniques throughout the company. This management approach produces services in which total customer satisfacition is achieved. Our clients have come to count on the quality standards we set. For every project, regardless of size, we use our in-house Quality Assurance Manual as the guide to ensure all quality assurance and quality control expectations are consistently met. In addition, we will work in conjunction with our clients to meet the project quality assurance goals for their quality assurance project plan.

Delivering Satisfaction

We believe in delivering the best to our customers. For us, our customers business is our business. As their partners in progress, we understand their needs first and accordingly go about fulfilling the same. Our accent on Customer Satisfaction has been our yardstick. Our inspiration to keep on offering more innovative services and value adding to our existing ones.

At every stage of testing, great care is taken to ensure the high levels of standards, promptness and accuracy. Another characteristic we are known for, is affordability. By implementing Quality Management Systems at all levels as per ISO 9001:2008 requirements, we bring in a 360 degree holistic approach to Testing.

Winning Teamwork.

At Analog Labs, quality is a result of teamwork and team-effort. Be it our management or our work force, everyone dedicatedly follows Quality Management Systems. These Quality Management Systems are ingrained into our work culture and ethos.

Our Quality Manager, the most important person next to the Chief Executive, is armed with all the resources he needs to implement and keep track of Quality Management Systems. Our state-of-the-art hi tech laboratory, epitomizes team-work - with some of the top of the line qualified scientists and researchers working in tandem, sometimes round-the- clock, burning the midnight oil, to deliver remarkably accurate results.