Facilities  .

• The training hall is furnished with comfortable seating and modern teaching aids, an atmosphere highly conducive for effective learning.

• A library with required text-books and periodicals. It has also an internet connectivity with scientific databases enabling to carry out the research work in timely manner.

• A conference area for scientific/technical discussions.

pH meters, vaccume ovens,  laboratory ovens, UV chambers etc.

• Analytical laboratory consists of sophisticated instruments such as


a) High Performance Liquid Chromatogarph

b) UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

c) Karl-Fischer Titrator

d) Melting point apparatus

e) Water Purification System

• Laboratory safety facilities such as eye-washers, safety showers, all necessary First aid kits and required safety equipment.

• Individual attention is given to each trainee to enable them to carry out project work independently.